Don't let the lack of snow fool you...


I popped into Ridgway Confections in Seeley's Bay yesterday to pick up some of their Christmas goodies for you. Hot chocolate bombs, chocolate ginger folks, and shimmering chocolate Christmas trees. That's another stop on the Shop & Hop map so perhaps you'll get there yourself this weekend. Either way, Tipped has you covered. 

The candles and soaps from Willow Bay Naturals are fully restocked. There are some great new Christmas-scented candles.  I've even got a limited supply of her wonderful shower steamers. They sell quickly so, you know, get here first! 

Your home or workplace might need a little local cheer! These are some of Don Robinson's carved wooden signs made especially for Christmas. 

A bunch of bears! Wendy Robinson has been sewing up a storm to get these ready for gift-giving.

What? You're not sticking around all winter? Tipped has a pair of suitcases for you! One pair and then they're gone. These have never been used, and have integral locks and super rolly wheels. 

Psst - I've got a little extra somthin' somethin' for you this first weekend of December, 
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