Christmas stuffing and we're not talking recipes

Several all natural beeswax lip balms

So much stuffing going on at Christmas! Sure, there's the turkey stuffing and stuffing our bellies with good food. How about some suggestions for stuffing those Christmas stockings? Here we go…starting with the all-natural beeswax lip balms from Willow Bay Naturals. 

The BEST skin care for dry skin! I use it daily in the winter months. 

A little soothing aromatherapy perhaps?

Ear care, makeup application, crafting, and travel…these reusable ear buds do it all! 

Leather care for your boots, gloves, and furniture or you can refinish your wood furniture with it! It smells great and softens your hands while you use it, making these chores much more enjoyable. 

Ceramic mushrooms and fungi - plant pets, desk buddies, bookshelf…stockings :)

It squeaks for itself…not really but your cat might when it's having fun with one of these!

The most essential elements of any sea salt in the world and it comes from Canadian waters. Solar-dried and hand-packed. 

So very tasty! From Alberta, all-natural, dried using traditional indigenous methods. 

There's a lot more stuffed into the shop,
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