Mother's Day gift ideas from Tipped

Wow, we're at the end of April. May and Mother's Day are on their way!

Mother's Day - May 14th...hmm, not sure what to do or what to get for the Mothers in your life?

As a mother, my first choice is always to spend fun time with my kids, playing games, eating together, and being outdoors if the weather is nice. When my kids were little, I also appreciated a little "me time", time to unwind and just be.

There are many things at Tipped to help you celebrate and honour  Mothers. Let's wander and have a look...

Greeting cards - cards by local artists Alice Hinther and Lucy De Sousa plus more

Beautiful wreaths from Lorah at Rideau Wreaths in Portland.

Rideau Wreaths

Tipped has candles, soaps, bath salts, and shower steamers from Willow Bay Naturals. Kristina's whole product line is a favourite for Tipped shoppers and we're well-stocked. Shower steamers give busy Moms a brief getaway while they shower. Or maybe a lightly scented candle to accompany a long bath.

Willow Bay Naturals

These encaustic art pieces by Alice Hinther make great gifts

How about a new mug, bowls, tray, or pitcher from Michael Doxey Pottery in Portland?

A little houseplant, a vase or plant pot?

Maybe something yummy from the Tipped Ship fine foods galley?

There's so much more in the shop. Perhaps you'd rather let her choose? How about a gift card - get one online here for the amount you choose:

The Tipped Ship egift Card

Or pick up one of these in the shop

Before I sign off, I'll share this fun little song that's become an earworm for me and many others, If I Were a Fish by Corook

Happy Spring! 

Trish at Tipped

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