Easter treats in Elgin

Thursday, April 6, 2023

A few more bunnies and their friends hopped into Tipped this week. The front window and the front table offer a great selection of affordable gifts and treats.

Which reminds me, I'll pull anything out from the window displays for you to look at more closely so please don't hesitate to ask! 

Well, it wouldn't be another week at Tipped without another new treat in stock. Yes, there's chocolate involved, again!

At discounted introductory prices, I've got a selection of chocolate-covered mango, goldenberries, coconut, or Brazil nuts from Green Sun.

"Wildly Delicious Organic Dark Chocolate" with nutrient-rich superfoods and 70% Peruvian cacao. 

Founded in Peru by owner Maju, a mom to two, she brought her successful business with her when she and her family moved to Kitchener. Having sampled these organic snacks, I'm sure glad she did.

Green Sun

Speaking of chocolate, a few of these most delicious Swiss bonbons are still waiting to go home with happy people. I've managed to refrain from raiding the store but I'm not sure how long I can hold out.


Last week I told you about the aprons and bags expertly designed and sewn from repurposed and remnant fabrics by ReKreations. Those bags have been swooping out the door. Get yours while the getting is good.

There's a 4-bottle bag, a fun apple shopping bag, a lovely big crossbody yoga or activity bag with an interior water bottle holder, a pocket for your wallet, and enough room for your rolled yoga mat plus a few other bags to choose between. 

Psst - these lovely table runners are sewn locally by SuLaTable and they are attracting well-deserved attention. Lots of sizes and colours to choose from, some quilted. Bonus - buy one side and get the other for free! 

Tipped is restocked with the oh-so-popular Willow Bay soaps, bath salts, dish soap bars, and fresh-scented candles for spring. Made with fair trade and sustainable ingredients and minimal environmentally friendly packaging, they make great gifts for a friend, or yourself! 

Willow Bay in Rideau Lakes

Stoodley's Kitchen and Beverage next door is open for takeout from 3 to 9 pm! Call them ahead at 613-359-0909 to order. Stop by Tipped then pick up your dinner next door to take home.  

Tipped is open during the regular hours for Easter weekend. Come browse to your heart's content.

Trish at Tipped

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